The BEST Multiplayer cars in Asphalt 8 are currently all Token or Blueprint cars. Well, not everyone has a Billiion dollars to pay Gameloft. So are you then out of luck? My answer is absolutely not! I present the 5 BEST credit cars one can buy and still have a lot of Multiplayer fun without losing all the time (none of them are Elite cars too!)

Disclaimer: This video is based soley on my experience and others may disagree. Also, I am not a professional player so the laps shown will not be perfect.

A special shoutout goes to the Asphalt 8 LEGEND, Elite_Hectorx whose help was instrumental in making this video. If you are the odd one who hasn't subscribed to his channel, here is the link:

Races were chosen to best represent a typical gameplay with these cars (so no random lucky wins or stupid fails). However a much more detailed gameplay for each car can be found below:
Trion Nemesis: Anthony Jose's Channel Multiplayer gameplays
Lambo Estoque:
Honda Integra:
RR Evoque:
TVR Sagaris:

Music (ads support the music developers):
Krewella - Come And Get It [Razihel Remix]
Vicetone - Nevada (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff)
Ahxello - Frisbee

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