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At, our evaluation of luxury sports cars is a rigorous and comprehensive process. Our research team delves into various aspects of sports cars for those looking for the most complete luxury driving experience. We understand the need for a measurement of quality for those that appreciate the finer things in life. We help enthusiasts and connoisseurs find the absolute finest automobiles and sports cars available.

Our methodology for researching and evaluating each type of sports car showcased on our website is meticulous process in which our team conducts market research to better understand how different automobiles are impacted by various differences in performance, construction, and optional features. During this research has identified five aspects which are found to be most crucial for those looking to craft an understanding of which sports cars are generally accepted to be the highest quality amongst enthusiasts. These five aspects include engine performance, handling, prestige, features, and serviceability.

The most prominent reason people buy a luxury sports car is because of its performance. There are a variety of aspects which will determine the performance of a sports car ranging from its starting speed to the size of the engine. The overall engine performance ensures a fast starting speed going from zero to sixty, the horsepower of the vehicle, and the overall top speed which the vehicle is able to achieve. Remember that these numbers are achieved through the test driver crashing the gears, but offer a fair comparison number from one vehicle to another.

Handling refers to the luxury vehicle's maneuverability. It is a harder point to evaluate as a comparison point and is achieved through comparing a large number of points ranging from the car's weight, size, shape, tires, ABS sensitivity, vehicle height, wheel width, weight distribution, and many other various aspects. Each car which is evaluated for comparison with others is evaluated by its intended use.

The prestige of the vehicle refers to the overall notability of the brand, the specific make and model of the vehicle, and the popular opinion amongst both the automobile community and luxury enthusiasts in regards to a large number of factors. Prestige factors in for the drivers who not only value the performance of the vehicle but the history behind the manufacturer, the processes and procedures from design to final product, and the value of the brand in comparison to others.

Various features of each automobile are examined based on what the manufacturer provides rather than aftermarket options and the availability for customization out of the garage. The ability to fine tune the automobile in the smallest ways to complement the lifestyle of the driver ensure the best experience for the driver.

The overall serviceability is important for enthusiasts to be able to maintain their vehicle from service centers which understand the complexity and importance of the various systems which power and maintain the performance of the vehicle. Unlike other vehicles, sports cars contain intricate systems for achieving and maintaining top speeds and maintaining control while on the road which surpass the capabilities of other vehicles. Serviceability is important from both a performance and a safety perspective.