History of the Audi A8 Line & 1997 - 1999 Audi A8 Quattro Review

3 мес. назад

Finally I get the chance to officially review the Audi A8 and give a history of the A8 line. I want to go more in depth and break this down in later videos, what do ...

How to Reinstall the Starter on a 1999 Audi A8 Quattro or Volkswagen 4.2l V8

4 мес. назад

In today's video I reinstall the starter on the Audi A8 Quattro. This procedure should help with any 1997-2003 Volkswagen / Audi 4.2l v8. Do this in reverse order ...

How to Bench Test a Starter - Bench Testing the Starter on My 1999 Audi A8

4 мес. назад

Just a quick video to show how to bench test a vehicle's starter to see if it is working or not. Here I test the starter off my 1999 Audi A8 project car that I broke ...

Hitting 175,000 Miles In My 2004 F150 Fx4 Crew Cab

4 мес. назад

A quick update on the ol'F150 Check out my Audi Videos: ...

How to Remove The Starter on a 1997-2002 Audi A8 Quattro

5 мес. назад

In today's video we finally get to removing the starter off the 99 Audi A8 Project... What an ordeal! We decided to take a new route through the front instead of the ...

Common 1994-2003 Audi Volkswagen 4.2L V8 Oil Cooler Problem

6 мес. назад

In today's video I discuss a common problem with the 1999 Audi A8 that has many older volkswagen owners frustrated. It doesn't matter how good you take care ...

How to Use Audi Tool 3341 Camshaft & 3197 Crankshaft Locating Tools

6 мес. назад

This is how you use the Cam and Crankshaft locking tools specific to 1997-1999 Audi / Volkswagen 4.2L V8 Engines. You'd use these tools for a timing belt job, ...

How to Determine if a Car's Starter is Bad - Diagnosing the Audi's No Crank Situation

6 мес. назад

In today's video we diagnose the A8's no crank / start situation. How to diagnose a starter / starter solenoid on a vehicle.

Preparing to Diagnose the Audi A8 Quattro Project Car

6 мес. назад

Nothing really happens in today's video... it's just fun preparing to diagnose the Audi A8 (check out my other videos).

Should This Be My 2020 Project Vehicle?

6 мес. назад

Well, I don't have an Audi Update this week, so I introduce a new / old vehicle with a family story.

An Audi Update, An Oil Change, And Why I do YouTube

6 мес. назад

A quick update on the Audi A8, the F150 gets an oil change, we work on a Grand Prix, and I discuss YouTube.

Finishing Up the 1999 Audi A8's Headgasket & Timing Job

6 мес. назад

In today's video I get all done with repairs and put the car back together. I have big plans and high hopes for taking this car home today!

Head Gaskets, Timing Belt Job, Oil Cooler and More on a 1999 Audi A8 Quattro

7 мес. назад

An update on repairs to the Audi A8. Now that we've got the car home, we've got big plans to get this thing running. Join me on my adventure of doing ...

2003 Trailblazer No Mass Air Flow Sensor, Then What Are These?

7 мес. назад

In response to a question on a previous video, linked below: A quick run down of all the sensors on the air intake / cleaning system. There is no MAF (Mass Air ...

Towing an Audi 500 Miles

7 мес. назад

In this week's video we tow an Audi 500 miles from Idaho to Wyoming driving an old 90's style Chevy pickup truck. Join us on our adventures & subscribe if you ...

How to Change the Oil on a Case 1190 Tractor / Oil Change Procedure

7 мес. назад

Today we do and discuss a basic oil change on a Case 1190 small farm tractor. Not my typical video, but a cool way to simply show a basic oil change ...

Wow this car has been a pain in the... I Introduce the 2019 Project Car

7 мес. назад

Where I discuss what I bought. My project car of 2019 and it's been a pain!

17,000 Miles in My 2004 F150 Fx4 Crew

8 мес. назад

Update on the last 17000+ Miles in my 2004 Ford-150 Fx4 Crew Cab pickup. It's been amazing! See what I've done as far as upgrades and reliability issues.

I'm back! & More to Come!

8 мес. назад

I am "Coming Back" to YouTube. Just a quick video to thank my subscribers and give a quick update. More great content to come!

Introducing the 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer - Aka The Golf Cart

11 мес. назад

What I call the four-wheel-drive minivan, I introduce my parents' 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer to the channel. I might not like it. But would you?

Taillight Bulb or Lens Housing Replacement on a 2002-2006 Chevy Trailblazer

11 мес. назад

How to replace your taillight bulbs or lens housing on a 2002-2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer.